What are the best budget table saws?

If you are keen on woodwork and want to create some small or moderate interior or even redesign them, there is nothing better than having a table saw.

The table saw is a fast, powerful tools, it also offers some danger but a useful and effective product. Thank to many benefits, there are a lot of people wanting to have it. Besides designs, features, and performance, the price is also an important problem for most of the users. Understanding this problem, this article will help you find the best budget table saw.

1 . Skilsaw SPT70WT-01

This is a portable table saw with the weight about 49 pounds. With this number, you can easily transport it to different job sites. Although it is a portable saw, it still has high torque motor with high capacity to cut strong materials. It has a good performance with the high precision cut. Moreover, it has the cool motor which prevents overheating during using process. When using this machine, you do not to worry about the risk of danger because it has high security to make sure safe usage.

2. Bosch GTS1031

Borch is a well-known brand in the world about the powerful tool and industrial instruments so that you do not need to worry about the quality of Bosch GTS1031. This is a popular job site portable table saw in a market. It is designed with complete steel structure which prevents the entire machine from damages as job site abuse. Besides, this machine also provides high precision so that you can control the cut with ease. High safety and good control are two other features of this tool. Finally, the price of this saw is quite comfortable compared to other, that why it is on this list.

However, the blade of this saw is little thick which makes difficulties in cutting.

3. Dewalt DW745

Dewalt DW745 is a perfect tool for people who wish to get most of the works done at home. The most outstanding features of this machine is its portability. With small design and lightweight, we can move it around and take it to many job sites without troubles. Besides, it also offers the saw dust collection unit which makes it easy to clean the workshop after working. With 20 inches of rip capacity, this machine can finish decent job and help to make moderate sized items

4. Delta Power Tools 36-6020

As other product in this list, this table saw also provides some benefits. First, it is easy to use and does not require much knowledge about using the saw. It has a fence and guards storage so that you do not worry about misplacing it. Moreover, it has stand with wheels so that we can move it around or store it. The price of this saw is also low, so it is quite suitable for a small project at home. With ON?OF switch, we do not spend lots of time to operate it. Besides, with 30-inch rip capacity, we can make small to large project as you wish.

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