Should We Let the Newborn Sleep with A Pillow?

On the market today there are many types of pillows for infants with many different prices. Plus, the model is extremely rich and diverse. So the lovely pillows attracted much attention of mothers. After investing in a perfectly designed pillow for the mother such as the Meiz U Shaped Body Pregnancy Pillow, mothers tend to buy a baby pillow for use after giving birth. However, this action can be very dangerous for our newborn.

Skull deformation
The growth rate of the baby’s head in the first few months after birth is the fastest in the entire lifetime. The perimeter of the baby’s head grows fast, which means the skull is enlarged. If your baby is lying on his pillow, his or her head will have difficulty in keeping the balance and symmetry. Moreover, the baby’s skull is soft as well as the bone joints are not closed, so if they are squeezed by a pillow, and the position of the infant’s head is not changed during sleep, it can easily lead to skull deformation.

The head, neck, and back of the newborn need to be made into a straight line
Mothers have to remember that for at least the first three months after birth, the baby does not need a pillow. The backbone of the newborn is straight but not curved. That means the head, neck, and back must be made into a straight line. Hence, if the head is high up, the children will have to twist their neck, then the spine will change its shape, making children difficult to breathe and swallow food. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the child can lie on his side without the pillow.

Risk of sudden death
Experts said that the risk of suffocation when sleeping with pillows are very high at the infant because young children often have no sense of self-control. There have been many cases of heartbreaking young children who sleep late at night asphyxiated by falling face to the pillow. There are many cases of being suffocated due to face down on the pillow when sleeping of babies.

Because of these risks, doctors recommend that parents should not let the newborn lie on the pillow until two years old. Before that, the ideal suggestion for many mothers refer to is that we can choose a soft and four-layer towel as a pillow to put under the baby’s head.
However, in certain cases, you can use a pillow for your baby.

How to choose pillows for infants?
Select the pillow material
For babies, the items such as pillows, blankets and so on must always be soft and highly absorbent as well as no toxic chemicals. When choosing the material pillow for an infant, you always prioritize the materials derived from nature to ensure the safe for your babies.

Some natural materials such as the leaf of polysciasfruticosa, green pea pods, and so on are said to have a very high degree of moisture absorption and are suitable for infants suffering from perspiration. However, as a natural product, these types of pillow tend to be moldy, producing bad odors when used for a long time.

Meanwhile, washing and cleaning of these materials are very difficult. Therefore, when cleaning, the only way is sun drying. Thus, if you use these types of pillow, you need to change the pillow’s core regularly when detecting signs of damage.

In summary, the pillow is not necessary for a baby under two years of age. But in some cases, you need to use a pillow, then you should choose the right pillow with suitable size and material to avoid the unexpected consequences.

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