Secrets to Excel at Archery

“Archery is a lot of concentration, a lot of training. It is essentially mental: 80% mental and 20% technical. The person who wins is often the one who most wants to stick them in.

First, the technique: it is necessary a gesture as perfect as possible and repeat it on each arrow. For that, we must draw a lot, a lot. Me, I started in 1996. Over the years, our technique is refined. I made a big change in 2009: my shoulder of bow, the one that holds the bow, was “returning”. I made it more open. And do not forget to buy the best archery sight.

Then, the head: we must think at least of things possible at the moment when we shoot. We train so that during the competitions, the gesture is so automated that you do not need to think about anything. The best thing is to cut off the brain. ”

“We look on the ground, we leave the context and when we return, we have only one desire”
“Unfortunately there are always more or less positive thoughts. It is very difficult to make a vacuum of all that is around, especially at the Games. It is more in the few seconds that separate each arrow that happens.
Personally, I try to get out of the competition between the arrows or between the volleys: we put ourselves in its bubble, we look on the ground, we leave a little bit of context and hop, one wish is to draw his arrow and stick it in the middle.

When I am in a moment of panic, I think of my nephew or my little niece, it releases me and I return in. You have to be in your bubble but not too close yourself either. If I shut myself up, I’m sure to miss out on the competition. So I can talk with my coach between two arrows. I am very close to him, there must be a dialogue. ”
“One hour with the sophrologist per week”

“We work enormously with a sophrologist. I see her once a week. In competition it can be called on Skype. A session lasts about an hour. At first we discuss everything, everything that can be disturbing or in our life. Then we discuss a lot about the competitions, our relationship with the team, the agreement between us.

We also do visualization. It is a matter of visualizing the competition to come, the terrain, the objective we are giving ourselves. And behind, we do a little session of about 20 minutes where we cleanse our minds. One relaxes either standing or sitting.

Finally, there is breathing. When the cardio begins to get excited, it takes a technique to relax within 10, 15 seconds. To slow down the heart rate you have to concentrate on breathing. It removes a lot of the tremors.
That’s only work. The heart is a muscle. If he is not muscular we will not manage to manage his stress and he will get excited. Every day, we work five to ten minutes on breathing. ”

“Bad sight does not bother”
“One is more or less in apnea when we fire our arrow but it lasts maximum five seconds for me. It is not a total apnea: we exhale a little bit, slowly.

I am myopic, I shoot with my glasses. A bad view does not disturb the archer in any way; on the other hand it is necessary a fairly fine mount so that it does not arrive in the viewfinder. In any case one is 70 meters from the target. Many shoot and do not see where the arrow comes in! Fortunately, there’s a spy camera next door.

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