How to Choose a Pillow for Your Neck Pain?

Most people think that just buying a bed pillow and they can get a comfortable sleep until the next morning. However, this concept is completely wrong when there are many issues during sleep, and you need to have enough knowledge to choose the pillow that is most suitable for you. Therefore, today’s article will focus on exploiting the benefits of pillows designed for people with neck pain for reference.

The fact is that for many people, having a deep sleep is very difficult. However, choosing the right pillow for sleeping position can make a difference. Usually, a comfortable mattress can also help the body relax as well. But you may not get a really nice sleep or have body aches whenever waking up without a pillow that suits for your sleeping posture.

How to choose a right neck support pillow?

In fact, the curved pillows are most suitable for most people. At that time, your head was in the center of the concave area of the pillow, and your neck is not too low or too high when you are lying on your back.

Choosing a sleeping pillow made of hollow rubber is the best

The natural latex pillows support the neck without making you feel hot. It is said that people may not realize that they get hot at night, so this can make you feel restless as well as having difficulty sleeping. And the cool always helps you sleep deeper, which is the reason why you should choose a natural latex pillow for yourself.

When choosing a pillow, you should also consider the hardness and softness of the mattress used.

If you have a hard mattress, you will need a thicker pillow as your shoulders will not sink into the mattress. Besides that, the pillows should support your neck at a fixed distance between your head and the mattress.

The best pillow for lying on the side

The side sleepers are at risk of waking up with pain in the shoulder, hip or neck because one side of their body must support the weight of the whole body during sleep.

This position also makes the head far from the mattress rather than lying on the back or stomach. Therefore, let’s use a firm pillow so that you will not be moved throughout the night and this type of pillow is also thick enough to fill the distance between the users’ ears and the outside of the shoulders.

Furthermore, putting a pillow between your knees can also keep your hips straight and prevent nerve pain and muscle pain as well. You can use Coop Home Goods pillow for side sleepers.

The best pillow for lying on the stomach

If you sleep on your stomach, you probably will not need a pillow. But if you want, remember to try a soft but flat one.You will not need to lift your head to move from side to side while sleeping. Plus, to avoid lower back pain, let’s consider putting a pillow under your belly.

The best pillow for lying on the back

If you have a habit of sleeping on your back, most of your weight is distributed evenly over your shoulders. However, you should keep the pillow straight between your head and spine. Besides that, let’s choose a soft pillow that will help support your neck and keep your head from tilting.

If you often wake up with lower back pain, try putting your knees or legs up on a pillow to keep your lower back on par with the mattress. If you want to stay a little higher, a wedge-shaped pillow will provide some support from head to toe for you.

To sum up, the way you sleep or your sleep position makes a difference in how you choose the suitable pillow. Besides paying attention to the material, shape, and size of the pillow, you should also consider your own sleeping position so that you can invest in the best pillow that supports perfectly to you.

In addition, if you have a seasonal allergy, let’s choose a non-allergenic pillow. If you suffer from sweating at night, a pillow with moisture absorption can help you sleep more comfortably. Hopefully, through this article, you will better understand about many types of pillow and neck pain as well as body aches when sleeping. Wish you a good day!


If you are keen on woodwork and want to create some small or moderate interior or even redesign them, there is nothing better than having a table saw.

The table saw is a fast, powerful tools, it also offers some danger but a useful and effective product. Thank to many benefits, there are a lot of people wanting to have it. Besides designs, features, and performance, the price is also an important problem for most of the users. Understanding this problem, this article will help you find the best budget table saw.

1 . Skilsaw SPT70WT-01

This is a portable table saw with the weight about 49 pounds. With this number, you can easily transport it to different job sites. Although it is a portable saw, it still has high torque motor with high capacity to cut strong materials. It has a good performance with the high precision cut. Moreover, it has the cool motor which prevents overheating during using process. When using this machine, you do not to worry about the risk of danger because it has high security to make sure safe usage.

2. Bosch GTS1031

Borch is a well-known brand in the world about the powerful tool and industrial instruments so that you do not need to worry about the quality of Bosch GTS1031. This is a popular job site portable table saw in a market. It is designed with complete steel structure which prevents the entire machine from damages as job site abuse. Besides, this machine also provides high precision so that you can control the cut with ease. High safety and good control are two other features of this tool. Finally, the price of this saw is quite comfortable compared to other, that why it is on this list.

However, the blade of this saw is little thick which makes difficulties in cutting.

3. Dewalt DW745

Dewalt DW745 is a perfect tool for people who wish to get most of the works done at home. The most outstanding features of this machine is its portability. With small design and lightweight, we can move it around and take it to many job sites without troubles. Besides, it also offers the saw dust collection unit which makes it easy to clean the workshop after working. With 20 inches of rip capacity, this machine can finish decent job and help to make moderate sized items

4. Delta Power Tools 36-6020

As other product in this list, this table saw also provides some benefits. First, it is easy to use and does not require much knowledge about using the saw. It has a fence and guards storage so that you do not worry about misplacing it. Moreover, it has stand with wheels so that we can move it around or store it. The price of this saw is also low, so it is quite suitable for a small project at home. With ON?OF switch, we do not spend lots of time to operate it. Besides, with 30-inch rip capacity, we can make small to large project as you wish.


How To Choose A Good Cacuum Cleaner For Your Car?

The acquisition of a car vacuum cleaner is not an easy task and may lead to the option for the wrong product if you do not inform yourself beforehand about this device before making a choice.

This is due to the existence of this product in several numbers on the market. You need to focus on design, power, and functionality when collecting this information. You can see our buying guide below.

A best car vacuum allows you to clean your vehicle with great efficiency. To save time in finding the right model for your car, we suggest that you consider certain features in this guide to buying the best vacuum cleaners for your car.

Our tips for buying a good vacuum cleaner for the car are oriented towards consideration of its design, the possibility of recharging it and the presence of several features.


To easily find an answer to the question how to buy a car vacuum cleaner for better value, take the time to know the design of each model you are interested in, as it allows you to know if the model in question is suitable for the intended use of the appliance.

Regarding design, it is important to know in advance if the device is lightweight, not cumbersome and easy to handle, compared to your size and the fact is that you are a man or a woman to use it . The handiness of the device ensures your comfort and a better cleaning efficiency at each use.

In addition it is important to ensure that the design of the model for which you plan to opt corresponds to the use you make of your car.

If the car on which you are going to use it is of personal type, then a model with a limited number of functionality can do the trick.

On the other hand, if the car in question is a family type in which you will often bring your children who will leave traces of food left behind, then a larger tank model and several features for cleaning would be useful.

The possibility of recharging the vacuum cleaner

The answer to your question is not unique, if you are wondering right now where to buy a new vacuum cleaner for the car.

However, you will save time finding one of the relevant answers to this question if you are focusing on whether or not to reload the model you are interested in. It is essential to learn about this feature to find out whether or not you can use it wherever you are.

If you would like to take this unit wherever you go and clean yourself whenever you feel it necessary, it is important to know in advance if the model you are interested in is rechargeable and allows you to recharge through the cigarette lighter of your car for a considerable autonomy of use.

The presence of several features

The switch to the price comparator should be preceded by taking into account the presence or not of several features that accompany the model that interests you. This feature is also important because it allows you to know what you can do with one model over another.

For example, it is advisable to check if the filter of the appliance is of high level or if possible to use it with a high level filter such as HEPA filters to allow you to aspirate any dirt, dirt, pollen or dust mites, Thus guaranteeing a better condition inside your car. In addition, you can check the presence of several cleaning heads that accompany the device for more efficiency each time you use it.


Sleep is an essential element to the health of humans. Lack of it causes emotional and other physical health problems. For instance, people who sleep don’t well suffer lots of stress and are prone to making mistakes.
But there is a part of sleep that needs to be looked at, the sleeping object. The mattress has evolved to be a central part of the sleeping area. The challenging part of mattresses is how to choose one that will be perfect for the pocket and needs. So, I need choose a best mattress under $500.

Why mattresses?
Making the right choice of bed is in the minds of those who are into sleep therapy. The main reason for this being the fact that comfortable sleep depends on the surface of sleep. While that may be so, the presence of different shades of mattresses portends a challenge to many people.

Mattresses differ in quality, density, and even the textures. With all that in mind, choosing the right mattress may involve some of the following;

1. The budget
Depending on one’s needs, the amount you wish to spend determines the bed quality you get. Several mattress brands will be on offer depending on your budget. The other interesting part of making such a choice is the several points of sale.

While traditionally, the brick stores were the main areas of purchase, the online stores offer the new shopper an opportunity to get quality mattress at a good price. The variance depends on the lucrative discounts seen in most online stores.

While some mattresses may cost an arm and a leg, they may not be of high quality. There are cheaper yet quality mattresses sold on the market. Considering the above, setting reasonable budgets may work best for you in this regard.

2. The feel
The feeling is called the density. Mattress thickness depends on the material of its making. There are soft medium and firm beds in the market. The human body mass varies from person to person. Choosing the mattress that will withstand the body weight is critical if not significant.

Heavy individuals may not find it ideal to sleep on a soft bed as that will exert pressure on the foam. Poor choice in this regard is a recipe for sore backs or lack of sleep. Some other mattresses may not be defined by firmness and used across the board.

3. The type of sleep posture
Individuals differ in the manner of sleep. In essence, it means that there are people who may require more support in some regions of the bed. That is why choosing the firmness of the mattress looking at your sleep pattern may be of help.

Whether you are a back, side, stomach or a combination, the mattress feel will serve your best interest. Some individuals like the side sleepers may require a bed that is a bit firm to ensure support to the body mass.
The best mattress for back pain

4. The type of mattress

Depending on the capacity and personal choice, there can be a different demand for each bed type. Several types of beds may interest any buyer in the market. Some of which may are here in detail;

• Latex mattress- The latex mattress is made from latex foam and is usually quite comfortable. Because of its stable support that spread across, latex may be useful if you are looking for better support.
• Memory foam mattresses- made from memory foam, they exhibit a combination of support, contour, and pressure. While there could be some disadvantages with the foam mattresses, the cooling properties of the current crop of mattresses in this category can attract any buyer.
• Air mattresses-These are mattresses whose air filled interiors act as support to the sleep surface. These mattresses may at times be ideal in case one is on travel. However, the new air filled mattress has found its use in cases where individuals need something more than the latex and foam like in hospitals.
• Coil mattress-These are not purely mattress but an incorporation of either the steel interior coils and the foam or latex. The coil mattress is comfortable and durable as it has better pressure relief and quality. In many instances, there are references of coil mattress as a hybrid bed in the market.

One thing is for sure, these beds offer the best bounce, cooling and therefore suitable for better sleep. It is not surprising that some modifications on this bed have given rise to some other better mattress brands currently on sale in both the brick and the online stores.

While the above considerations work for any buyer, the onus rests with the individual buyer on what suits the present needs. Buying a mattress can also be dictated by the experience others have had with it in the form of reviews.


For the making of mattresses or pillows, one often hears “the latex, there is no better! “. It has a reputation as the ideal material for comfort and hygiene. He is also presented as the champion of organic materials, fierce defender of the environment. What are the reasons for such a craze for the latex mattress or the latex pillow?
Are these compliments objectively justified? Visit sidesleeperreviews.com to read more about Side Sleeper Reviews

1 – Natural latex, the most organic materials

Natural latex pillow, too bio to be true?
Natural Latex is a naturally endowed material:
Anti-mite: According to the tests of the Institut Pasteur, the cellular structure of the natural latex does not allow the installation and the development of the mites.

Antibacterial: Resulting from hevea, natural latex inherited its antiseptic faculties. Indeed, this tree has developed its virtues against miasma and bacteria present in tropical environment
Breathable and airy, this material is naturally programmed to resist moisture.
Since its properties have been inherited exclusively from nature, natural latex does not undergo any chemical treatment.

Moreover, this material is entirely bio-degradable, which is rather useful for the recycling of mattresses.
Discover 2 pillows as organic as the natural latex pillow:
The spelled pillow and the buckwheat pillow.
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2 – Natural Latex vs Synthetic Latex

Natural latex
Hevea is native to Brazil (Hevea brasiliensis). For the record, it was introduced to Malaysia by England in 1890. Today, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia are the largest producers of latex in the world. Vietnam, Cameroon, India and Cote d’Ivoire also know the joys of exploiting this precious material.

The ideal would be to ensure sustainable exploitation of the Hevea forests. That said, the traceability of this material is still quite random.

What can be guaranteed, on the other hand, is that it is taken from the tree in a natural way, by digging deep furrows around the trunk.

Then a milky liquid is formed, consisting of 60% water, 35% latex resin and 5% various organic compounds.
The amounts of resin are increased to 60% by centrifuge.

Synthetic latex
Synthetic latex is characterized by high density and high strength but does not have all the basic attractions of natural latex.

It is produced from petrochemicals, by emulsion and polymerization.
In addition, it is subjected to chemical pollutant treatments, as are the materials used in the “classic” synthetic foam mattresses.

Its carbon footprint is ten times stronger than that of natural latex. It is therefore difficult to consider it as “organic”.

3 – The Latex
The 100% latex foam is the rarest and most coveted latex foam.
Few manufacturers can claim to offer mattresses made of 100% natural latex foam. The soul of mattresses is often composite and the boons that we are often struggling to make a difference.

Mattress and latex pillow, which names to trust?
You may be unaware of this, but a draconian Legislation has emerged since 1989.
Controlling the obtaining of the designation “mattress latex”, it foresees 2 cases of figure:
“Mattress 100% latex”: According to this mention, the core of the mattress is only composed of latex and its thickness is of 10 cm minimum.

“Latex mattress”: This statement indicates that the core of the mattress must include a latex thickness of at least 10 cm. It will represent 60% of the total thickness of the mattress.

A priori, these 2 mentions are reliable; They are the only ones able to give a precise idea of the percentage of latex present in the mattress.

For the latex pillow, terminology also exists, determining the purity of the latex foam used.
What do you think about this article. Will you choose latex for your mattress or pillow. If you have any experience in using these products, we are happy to hear from you. Do not hesitate to give what you think in the comment section below. And if you have any questions, we will try to answer it as soon as possible. Happy reading!


Embroidery Machine is a well-known business opportunity and also leisure quest in which we can modify and also individualize our own clothing and also things to accommodate our own style, trend and also interest. Oahu is the fine art or perhaps handicraft of fabricating or perhaps redecorating any layout about an item of cloth or perhaps some other related components together with attractive needlework. It really is completed both with a handbook regular sewing machine or even a particularly developed, computerized embroidery machine.
Why its Popularity is increasing?
Modern day, computerized machines have got produced embroidery a lot more complex and also intricate. Making use of their simplicity and also a smaller amount expense, the usage of the particular handbook machines will be falling out in clumps regarding theexcellent switch. Any easily transportable product could be lower than 25 ins in width and also a hundred and eighty weight inside fat. Several functions calmly and also are not going to bother virtually any dialogue or perhaps the neighbors’ slumber. The particular twine widely used will be polyester or perhaps cotton. That weighs about concerning 40wt. Just like virtually any regular sewing machine, the particular embroidery machine features a bobbin plus a pool put in the catch to make the particular the need for stitches. With your high-tech machines, it is possible to pick your own personal layout and also increase lettering or perhaps days to a function.

Does it work fast than sewing machine?
In case you are not used to embroidery, it is possible to acquire lessons in which you will see the appropriate hooping lids, location strategies, picking the proper filling device for your substance, appropriate adjusting and also threading with the machine, running the particular handle cell and also computer software as well as other connected jobs. You’ll understand the substance and also twine sort, volume, layout top quality and also dimensions will be the aspects in which have an effect on the fee and also amoment with the embroidery machine. This is an identified undeniable fact that over time embroidery continues to be just about the most necessary items around the world because it found in trend developing. Initially, embroidery has been completed by simply beans and also palm upon which have been sewed one other component necessary.
How does Embroidery Machine Work Fast?
• With all the innovation regarding embroidery machines, every one of the those who perform inside embroidery stitches for income is already tremendously benefited.
• The particular machine functions by making a routine which can be long lasting simply by transferring from the cloth and also making a layout that has been initialized from the consumer.
• Embroidery Machine is normally found in developing the particular cloth, offering that a brand identifies, rendering it seem desirable with the help of added attractive substance for the material which is often long lasting.
• In the event the embroidery you might have will be warring apart, it indicates the sort of embroidery you might have just isn’t excellent.
• Today also every one of the tailors inside the basic industry may also be applying this embroidery machine on a regular basis and this also machine is now thus frequent a tiny staff.
• Almost all huge brand names are influenced by embroidery while they affix their particular manufacturer around the material they will labor on and so, furthermore market.
• Embroidery machine continues to be profoundly supporting every one of the huge trend developers inside producing almost all Embroidery Machine garments they might need inside comparatively a smaller amount moment.
• Made by hand perform procures lots of time just like many nights or perhaps weeks to get a respected perform dependent on the style and also top quality regarding performing inside goods for instance shoes or boots, accessories and also garments.
• Even now embroidered perform will be a lot more treasured as compared to any models.
• This kind of will depend on mostly around the perform completed whilst still being they’re respected around for the attractiveness and also top quality inside perform.
• These days that has changed into a trend have to have a good layout and also embroidery perform will be treasured.
• You will find the particular manufacturer embodied inside. Thus embroidery performs features an excellent opportunity and also benefit inside our everyday living.
• A single need to figure out how to utilize every one of the models he’s got to the full utilize to bring your pet out there identify and also acelebrity.

Many individuals have got begun to sew also to generate garments regarding by themselves inside their properties with the use of these kinds of machines. These kinds of regular sewing machines largely are capable of accomplishing great embroidery and its particular not necessarily so easy because it will be any time a single makes use of a great embroidery machine which can be computerized nevertheless the career completed simply by that is properly and also adequate.


Nowadays, in a society that focuses on maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing energy costs, best programmable thermostat are becoming more and more popular. Due to its great features, convenience and ability to save energy, it has become on of the first choices of the users. This device is the best investment as it allows you to adjust the temperature according to your schedule. Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of drawbacks to consider. Programmable thermostats are not completely a perfect solution for everyone.

1. Suitability
One of the disadvantages of using programmable thermostats is that you cannot maximize their benefits if you have to meet multiple family members’ schedules. Hence, it’s not suitable for all families. For example, you have a flexible schedule, you have children that are home during the day, and also your grandparents who are retired living with you. It will create the need to reprogram your thermostat many times per day, and that can sometimes be tedious and annoying. Therefore, if your household routine isn’t reasonably compatible, a programmable thermostat can be more trouble than it is worth. It leads to the fact that that you can not program the thermostat efficiently and precisely.

2. Compatibility
It is necessary to know that programmable thermostats cannot be compatible with all systems in your home. Take the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC system) for example; it’s possible that the multiple settings of programmable thermostats may not run efficiently on your HVAC system. Therefore, you should consult with a technician before trying to install your programmable thermostat so that it will not cause any problems in your using time.
3. Incorrect usage
Many people have complained that programmable thermostat ‘s hard to learn how to use effectively. The reason is that every user who don’t have any experience to setup the system could cope with difficulties and find it complicated as compared to other systems. In fact, many families that live in homes equipped with them, do not know the correct usage way for the scheduling temperature adjustments feature, the furnace blower for air circulation, the control systems, and other important systems in their thermostat. As a result, it leads to incorrect installation, and you can not get the highest energy savings anymore. That’s why it is essential for you to come to understand how the unit works and how to set it for best benefits. Its setup is likely to be complicated, especially for the users who don’t have any experience in setting the system. They could face difficulties and find it complicated as compared to other kinds of device. However, if you want to takes a little time to learn how to work the unit, using the latest graphical LCD touchscreen displays could be a superb idea.

4. High price.
Typically, the digital programmable thermostats, even original models, run more than fifty dollars, and some latest models are available over one hundred and thirty dollars while the conventional thermostats cost less than thirty dollars. Although it can significantly lower the energy bills in your using periods and compensate for your initial investment, not all people can spend enough money on purchasing this energy saving device.

All in all, there is no device without any downsides. We’ve owned several programmable thermostats over the decades, and it’s likely that usability of the units has never been a problem. Therefore, the digital programmable thermostats can still be an energy saver’s dream if you know how to optimize it effectively. One thing we want to recommend is that before you buy a programmable thermostat, pay attention to your weekly habits and the temperatures that are comfortable during those times. By doing this, you can decide what type of thermostat will best serve your needs. Nonetheless, whichever you choose, remember that they need to use correctly.


Have you ever walked to a electrical store to buy machine for making you own coffee cup? Nowadays, keurig coffee maker has gained its popularity in daily life due to its benefit in serving for both home and commercial use. That’s also the reasons why you can seen variety kinds of this machine everywhere and each one offers a distinct set of features. Have you ever been confused in choosing one? Now, we are going to provide some information about choosing the ideal best keurig coffee maker reviews machine for you to make your best decision.
1.Cup size options
The cup sizes with a single-cup Keurig brewing system should be the first thing you should concern about. Keep in your mind that the smaller the cup size, the stronger the brew. This means that the more water per cup, the milder the brew is. For instance, regardless of the cup size selected, a single K-Cup is used. Obviously, the cup size feature can accommodate cups of different sizes as well. Inaddition, machines can also offer cup size options ranging from two to five cups.

2. Energy-Saving Features
Saving money is often one of the most important factors which is considered by consumers. Many people want to spend as little energy as possible with their coffee maker. Luckily, most kinds of Keurig model include energy-saving features that makes the machine turn off automatically after 90 seconds of non-use. This can minimize the risk of getting an expensive electric bill at the end of month. For example, the office-PRO brewing system can automatically turns off the machine after two hours of non-use, which is extremely suitable for using in the office environment.
3. Brew Times
Don’t forget to factor in counter space when choosing your model. Most people decide to invest in Keurig brewing systems because they can save time in making coffee by using it. Nomarlly, it can take a machine only a few seconds to turn on. However, each one has different set of features so some machines brew more quickly than others. For example, the majority of Keurig models can brew a single cup in less than 60 seconds while there’re an exception which is the MINI Plus system, which can take up to two minutes.

4. Programable models
Do you want to have a hot cup of coffee ready to drink when you get up? Most of us like a type of machine which can easily brew coffee automatically by setting programmed time. The reason is that in the morning, we are often so busy that we dont have time to brew a perfect coffee. So the solution for this query is using a programmable model. It is considered as the best coffee maker for those who need a cup of coffee ready when they wake up. This type of coffee dispenser is the most preferred and used coffee maker due to its “set it and forget it” ability which can lighten your daily morning. Therefore, why don’t you choose a programmable model for this demand?

5. Quiet Brew Technology
Some people have complained that some coffee maker makes to much noise in the early morning. Don’t worry, with the highest quiet brew technology, most Keurig brewing systems can satisfy your demand. As the name implies, this means that the brewing process is as quiet and unobtrusive as possible. You can feel comfortable because whenever you turn on your machine , very little noise is produced. The cup fills rapidly with gourmet coffee, and the only way to know that coffee is being brewed is from the aroma filling in your room. You should consider that some popular Keurig machines don’t offer this technology such as the OfficePRO machine and MINI Plus machine.

These are some tips for buying a coffee maker. We hope that these suggestions would be useful for you. When shopping for a machine, consider flavor and what features you need and want to ensure you get the best coffee maker to meet your needs and budget. After all, the best Keurig to buy is the one that most closely fits your needs. For more information about the latest model of this machines, click here to read the best keurig coffee maker reviews


In everyday life each of us must have heard of the technology such as RO water purifier, but we can really understand the meaning behind each technology or not, advantages and disadvantages of each technology to copy the following article please put forward the concept as well as advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
Reverse osmosis system(RO)

RO water purification technology one can say at present is optimal the fact that the reverse osmosis membrane, one of the technology has extremely long life span in the world is reverse osmosis water system.

It can be said that (reverse osmosis) water purification technology is advanced and the most radical RO membrane. With 0.001 micrometers in size, all kinds of all bacteria are unable to get through. With this technology, the water completely pure.

Let’s take a closer look at them.
Pure drinking water: desalinating of water, removal of pathogens, contaminants, etc, removal of odors and tastes, requires minimal maintenance. Convenient to use, as you can have clean drinking water at the touch of a finger.
Can be cost effective.

The coarse filter: polymers, activated carbon, cationic, rock mineralization … complementary nature.
Effective decision-core to core water purification technology is RO.
Filtered water tanks, sewage tanks.
Electric pump system.
Cabinets / stainless steel cover, powder coated iron to remove the compact machine.
RO filter mechanism:
RO filter core by a single method: Filter by mechanical, electrical pump is pumping water through the core RO reverse osmosis mechanism.Application of Reverse Osmosis (RO water purifier called) filtered pure water, any public water sources (well water, river water, hard water, brackish water contamination, water) when Ro are filtered through a filter pure water. To filter sea water into fresh water and apply technology to RO membrane (RO membrane Use for saltwater).

Drink filtered water immediately after, fresh, pure cooking of debris.
Clean filtered water to people hard, water contaminated with iron, calcium …
RO water after reverse osmosis technology appraisal US medical standards NFS
Higher life expectancy machine replacement parts available in the market easily when repairs
Effective water purification – Water quality after filtration of drinking water purification systems ro
Micro filter – ensuring sterile, without cooking. Chemical filtration – filtration water-soluble substances very clean.

For interest RO machine is electric equipment, durable pumps have good, quiet running smoothly, experience should choose the refinery has a long-term warranty for 3 years or more, do not necessarily have to use the trademark, or advertising many, often very high price, the normal quality short-term warranty.
However RO technology also exists in his own weaknesses
The membrane has tiny size, any substance can not go through unless the water molecules also filter also completely remove minerals in the water with this, if a long time use of water resources this, the body will lack some essential minerals for the body.

With RO technology will remove the impurities but it also creates incredibly wastewater caused many water and waste water costs

RO systems tend to waste a good portion of the water that runs through them. In general, they waste about 2-3 gallons of water for producing one gallon of purified water.
Pure water from RO purifiers are often not kept natural trace minerals good for the body such as calcium, magnesium, iron.

Using pure water is not good for long term health.
The machine uses electricity should happen sometimes short-circuit condition, power consumption and cause unsafe for the user.

RO water filters are stored in stainless steel cabinets, containers should have is sometimes very cumbersome, aesthetically lacking.
With complex compounds such as arsenic, ammonia, nitrates, … not filter RO machine.
RO water purifier devices are becoming indispensable in every family, friends prior to purchase water filters should learn each line carefully, see which fit best to his family.
Purified water is often not kept natural trace minerals good for the body
Trouble for RO Water Purifier usually happens when machines are 2 years or more when taking 1 liter of pure water 15 liters waste ratio, which is a reality-based computer as long as the high rate of waste, can cause increased cost.
Equipment fitted pumps, adapters, val from, val low pressure, high pressure. (Consumption of electricity and sometimes electric equipment electric fire).
RO membranes are blocked or if having hard water (more lime scale), brackish water contamination, increasing the cost of the process used.Water purifiers emit cries
Must be plugged in, but not a significant consumption of about 24v – 1.5W
There may be a small problem for electricity if the voltage is not stable

How to overcome the weaknesses of RO technology
The current water filter was added minerals beneficial to the body, namely the addition of filtering pillars and mineralization in the final filtration step.
With the amount of water discharged can use needed for watering plants, washing, cleaning the house …
RO filter or filter blockages slow, recommended for water wells or water sources with high pollution levels
Do not use filtered rainwater acidity of rainwater, after water through RO increases the acidity of the water is not good for your health up.


Forhead and ear thermometers
Since we removed mercury thermometers, which were the most reliable but unsafe, to bring in mercury, which is toxic, parents navigate between thermometers trying to find the most reliable and fast, with the intention to know as soon as possible temperature our babies, who do not wear very well to keep fixed underarm thermometer in a position, but with the confidence of knowing that the measurement is correct.

There are several digital thermometers that promise the same thing, reliability and speed, the best known, and I would say the most gifted to new parents, ear thermometers, and forehead, which give the baby’s temperature in a few seconds. Now, are they reliable? Are they a revolution or are a failure? Are they the best baby thermometer?

How the ear and forehead thermometers work?

Ear thermometers and forehead (some only measure the ear, and others measure both) work via infrared. As I have read, it seems that the thermometer is a lens system that captures the infrared energy emitted by our body, does reading and gives us a result.

In the case of the ear, the energy emitted by the eardrum and surrounding tissue is captured. If we talk about the forehead, the energy emitted by the skin through that area is achieved.

Are they dangerous?

If we talk about looking at the front, it is clear that the thermometer is not in any danger because either it gets at a distance from the forehead without touching the baby measurement is performed, or the thermometer carries a lid shaped to support the thermometer on the forehead and then press the button to put it in operation.

If we talk about the ear thermometer takes a cannula, or extensive probe should enter the baby’s ear or child, but full enough to prevent too much and could damage the eardrum or the ear canal.

Are they reliable?

Okay, we know how they work, we are aware they are not dangerous, and only now we need to know if they are reliable, or what is the same if they serve something. I ask for it helps you, because although I’ve tried several, it is possible that you have a different experience to mine with any make or model and can, then, give me the reply.

To us, once we became parents, they gave us one. “What kind gift,” think once, for it seemed a great invention, fast and comfortable for the baby and us. However, the first day we didn’t need because the greatest had a fever, we took a big disappointment.

The child was hot, but when used in “front” Sometimes we say that the child was perfect, and sometimes told us that yes, he had few tenths. So if you probably ear mode, it was that in one ear gave us one thing and the other a different one. This, according to the manufacturers, may be normal, because the presence of wax or dirt on some ear can do that there are variations in temperature. Okay, okay, but then, how I hearing what gives me the most reliable information?

We opted for repeat operation in the ears and each time gave us a different thing. “It will be pressure thing,” I thought. Then I decided to try it myself, knowing he had no fever and observed that if pressed more temperature gave me more, and that if I left I was very loose less. So I managed to find a position more or less stable pressure where I was I sought temperature (36.7 ° C in my case).
The problem is that I knew my temperature and pressure based on looking for the right position, but the baby was upside down, I wanted to know was the temperature, then the correct position and pressure were harder to find. And of course, once you realize that is so variable, we no longer seem reliable.

As a nurse I received the visit of several commercial brands that make these thermometers and although we always they have been “sold” as a revolution, being fast and little annoying, most importantly, it is to be reliable, they have never been able to I prove it.

Once I caught one, which was to hold a few centimeters from my face, and in a few seconds, very fast, amazingly fast, said he was at 38 ° C. Obviously I immediately went to my boss and told him “I’m leaving, I have a fever you can not see.”

Then I reported it to the commercial, which told me I had 38 and I said it was a problem of distance. I tried several different distances. Sometimes he had a fever, sometimes fever and other was perfect. I commented that the thermometer was picking up the temperature of the room and that was not reliable (?).

From that moment I could try some model always with the same result: what in my village is defined as “fails more than a gun fair.”

So, considering the big bucks that cost (between 20 and 40 € on average) and how bad they are, my judgment is that ear thermometers and forehead are in promise, or fiasco, or failure. Come on, I have not been able to find the make and model that works well, so I would not recommend it to my worst enemy.

Now if I tell you yes as you have found one that works well, I beseech ye say, that if I have a chance I’ll prove it.

And so?

Nothing, then we go to the pharmacy, ask them a digital thermometer good, beautiful and cheap armpit and do what we can to entertain the baby or child while you patiently endure. For the moment, no more.