The compressor is like the heart of every repair shop, the factory uses compressed air. The machine has the role of providing compressed air for all equipment in the workshop. Therefore, it is necessary to choose quality air compressor, running stable, long life. Nowadays, there are many companies, shops selling compressors and wherever it is claimed to be a genuine, importing and distributing company. But direct importing companies are few, but many commercial businesses often trade very high prices as customers are confused. Before buying a compressor, it is essential that you should see the

It is very simple to buy goods that you ask the salesman to the warehouse of the company to choose if they are the direct importer they will be ready to take you to the store and give you the option to choose. And if it’s a commercial unit they will not be in stock for you to see. Why do we show you this trick, because we are the direct importer, to import a compressor contender that does not simply have to go through many stages and especially have to invest? Investment is something that a commercial unit does not have.

Currently, online purchases are very popular in many areas. Not only clothing, jewelry, telephone, … Small items purchased through the network that many of the machines can not buy online can also buy online. Compressed air is a device that is widely searched and selected online, with the tip on the customer can completely buy the compressor of the direct supply unit.

Besides choosing the genuine supplier you also need to know some criteria to choose the best quality air compressor.
5 criteria selection best quality air compressor: Durable, small noise, gas load faster, replacement repair parts are available, long-term warranty.

Which brands of compressors in the market are most popular users today? This is a question many users often ask when want to buy an air compressor.
To help users find the product that best suits their needs. In this article, we introduce to our users the most popular industrial air compressor brands on the market today.

1. Kobelco air compressor
Kobelco is the leading brand on the market today. The brand originated from Japan. The products of this brand are highly appreciated by good product quality, stable operation for a long time, product life is higher than products compared to same price products.

Kobelco air compressor is a good quality brand name, so the price of the product is also in the top brand has the highest price on the market today. However, high cost, good quality, many Vietnamese enterprises have been trusting the option of using Kobelco air compressor.

2. Comp Korea air compressor
Standing behind Kobelco is the Comp Korea brand – the best quality pneumatic pump brand in Korea. Since its entry into the Vietnamese market, Compkoea has beaten brands in Vietnam for a long time, such as Puma or Fusheng, to win the second place in the list of best quality air compressor brands.
Comp Korea lost the Kobelco brand of origin because the products from Japan are always more appreciated than the products of Korea. Compared to the quality or usefulness of the product, these two brands are rated on the same level.

3. Puma air compressor
Most of the small and medium businesses on the market now choose to use the products of the Puma air compressor brand. Puma conquers the consumer because it is cheap, easy to use, and easy to replace when it crashes during operation.

4. ATLAS COPCO air compressor
The next series is the ATLAS COPCO air compressor which is also considered by Puma air compressor as a series of air compressors with stable operation in working environments. This product is also manufactured in Europe, the Belgian-made gas compressor, Belgium is also considered a developed country. Most of the products that are made in Europe are the best quality products because they check the output of the machine is extremely tight so the machine is also considered as a machine with many personal and business use.