If you ever need to spit wood by hand, one of the best and most versatile tools you can use is the simple splitting maul. How can you find out the best types of splitting mauls? How are they used and how many different sizes are there? To find the answers to these questions and more, read on.

What is a splitting maul and how is it different than an axe?

A maul is basically a thick axe and sledgehammer combo. Its main purpose as a tool is to split wood. Its weight can range from anywhere between 6-12 pounds and its handles are usually 30-36″ in length. You’ll rarely find mauls with sharp edges and they are often thick in terms of structure. The reason for this is because of their purpose which is to split wood up. While a chopping axe may be meant for chopping wood against the grain, a maul goes with the grain to split wood. This is why it’s important for them to be thick instead of sharp.
The Firewood Splitting Maul
Advantages and Disadvantages

While mauls may be the most versatile wood splitting tool available, they do have disadvantages to go along with their advantages.

What’s good about the splitting maul:

For the purpose of splitting difficult species of wood, they are much better than axes. They get the job done much better than an axe due to their shape, size, and weight.

The back of the maul is basically a sledgehammer, so it can be used to pound steel splitting wedges into really hard pieces of wood.

Using one may take less effort when compared to an axe especially for difficult species of wood such as red maple. Again, because of the sheer weight it possesses, just one properly placed blow is usually all that’s needed to split most types of wood that need splitting.

What’s not so great:

The sheer amount of weight can be a drawback too. Axes are considerably better if you’re splitting easy-to-split pieces that won’t require more than a few swings. If you have a lot of wood to process, you may want to reconsider.

The heavy weight also makes them quite difficult to control. Accuracy may suffer when using a splitting maul which can sometimes make you feel that the splitting maul is the one swinging you.

Regardless of whether you want to exclusively use axes, a wood splitter or even cheap labor, you should make it a point to get a maul anyway. It will be one of the handiest tools you will ever get a hold of and you definitely won’t regret getting it.

Depending on your strength, you may want to get either the 6 or 8 pound model. Most people find the 6-pound maul just right. They help you get really strong swings without tiring you out. Some mauls weight over 12 pounds each and some people find them useless, mainly because of their weight.

Handles are available in both fiberglass and wood. Fiberglass handles are highly recommended because they don’t break as easily as the wooden ones. Wooden handles usually take just a few hard missed hits before starting to break. Fiberglass handles rarely break and they usually last years of heavy use.

Still, some people prefer wooden handles more, if only because of the good feel that the wooden handle offers. If you are used to swinging mauls and axes and are quite accurate in your swing, they’re worth getting.

As with most other tools you can buy, you get what you pay for. These usually cost between 20-70 dollars a piece. Fortunately, a quality splitting maul should be able to last for your whole life.


The same problem of most of English learners is Grammar. There are too many sentence structures, tenses, verbs, nouns and so on that make you confused when learning English. Grammar is a big source of boring rules that you think you can not remember everything. Therefore, this writing will show you how to learn English and help you get the love with English back.

1. Learning English and the rule
In linguistics, grammar is identified as a system of language. It is described Grammar as some rules in language.
Actually, that statement is not entirely true because there is no rule language.
Why can I say that? Because the rule is something that people set and then popular and use it as a game or competition. However, it is different in a language. It starts since people pronounced (make a sound for fellows) and then connect these sounds into words, phrases, and sentences.

In other words, the language began when there was no rule. They are not fixed and always changes over time by time. The problem that we call grammar is the reflection of language at the concrete time.
Do we need to learn grammar to speak English?
My answer is no!

There are millions of people going aboard to study, work and live and they can use English as the second language without learning grammar. The native children can speak( communication) even before they know the existence of grammar.

However, if you want to start learning a language step by step, I would like to say that grammar will help you learn English faster and more efficiently.

The important thing is we should consider grammar as an advantageous tool which can be a good friend supporting us in the learning process. Once you can get a grammar( or understand the language system) you can easily learn English by yourself, you do not need to go to English class or center anymore.

Therefore, let’s start thinking about the concept of grammar in a positive way. Let’s consider grammar as a map showing the way for you, and you can use it in your way.

How to learn grammar effectively ?

It is said that grammar is hard, boring with dull rules and you difficulty remember and easily forget. I will show you some tips to learning English Grammar:
– Learn Rules: it seems to be the hardest way to learning a language, but I think you can do that.
For example: learn about how a simple tense creates and how can we use it.
– Take it into practice: This is the best way to take what you learned into your memory. You can use that to a real situation and turn it into a real conversation. Besides, if there is no one with you, you can create a short conversation by yourself with 4, five sentences. Then, thinking about some funny situation to practice until you remember.

– Do not forget there are a lot of exceptions in English grammar. Therefore, when you meet them, you need to note carefully and use your way as long as you remember them.
For example The rule for not using the article “the” in front of the name of the nation, but you must use it with the United States, the United Kingdom.

– Always practice: It is easy for you to forget the structures if you do not practice every day. Therefore, do not be lazy, use what you learned every day to make sure you do not forget anything.
For example: When you learn irregular verbs, you can take a goal that you will make five sentences for five irregular verbs.

In reality, there are many situations that you can apply these effective way to learn English grammar rule. Do not let grammar become your abstract. What are you waiting? Let’s discover English with us!